Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good morning...

The weather here has been just gorgeous.   For a while there we were having a lot of rain, and the warmth of summer hit us quickly even though summer is a couple of months, it's back
to chilli mornings and evenings, and perfect weather in between.  Just lovely.

Although I've scrapped a couple of pages, I also picked up an extra shift at JoAnns for a couple of
weeks, which is always good, especially with having Sunday (Easter) off.  That will hit me in a
couple of weeks.  I've also gotten caught up in reading The Hunger Games.  Fantastic story-line, and
fast paced reading.  I finished the first one, and am now reading the second one.  Once I get involved in reading a good book, it's really hard for me to put it down.  I won't mind seeing the movie now, but had to read the book first :)

Here are a couple of pages that I got done using geometric shapes.  Although hexagons are the trendy
shape right now, I used an octagon shape for one of the pages.  The other page uses hexagons.  For the hexagon I had to find the shape, print it and then cut and trace.  For the octagon, I actually have a die
for that one.  Thank goodness for dies :)

Well, I'm off to begin another week of school.  Our testing is in a couple of weeks, so it's  review, review and review.  Hopefully, with all this reviewing, the kids will remember what they're doing come test time.


  1. Toni! I do love these great shapes. You always do inspiring work. I really like the soft colors of the first one and the layering . The second it's the bling along he border that inspires!

  2. Love both of these layouts Toni! Your hexagons and octagons are fabulous!

  3. amazing design and accents.. great use of shapes